To download Outlook Express

Outlook Expres it is absolutely free (free) the program having Russian interface which it is possible to download easily (free download) from official site Microsoft Corp.

Whereas Outlook Expless it is absolutely free mailing program for which job it is necessary to buy only the license version of operational system of the same company Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP (In fact as I understand all use the license version of operational system? :) And as in other operational systems works she can but it is not enough such systems, Company Majkrosovt can naturally distribute one small mailing program to free of charge all buyers of its software products.

Given remarkable email client Outlock Express (OE) all the cut down version of powerful software product Microsoft - Outlook, from software package Microsoft Office. But for beginning users she can carry out all necessary functions - registration in the Outlook of a new mail box, to adjust an Outlook on reception of mail, and reception of mail about a mail. ru :)

As Outlook not absolutely independent program, and goes frequently complete with free the Internet a browser the Internet the Explorer (Internet Explorer) to download an Outlook on old versions windows it is necessary to download the necessary version the Internet of the Explorer.
Basically Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 and 7 numbers of the version coincide with versions Internet Explorera, therefore it is possible to download last version of an explorer supported by your version of operational system.
Free of charge to download (free download) Microsoft Outlook Expless of development of known firm by all is possible on an official site:
(For versions MS Windows is more younger XP it is necessary to download Internet Explorer into which complete set of delivery enters and Outlook Express (OE)
It is possible to find Outlook Express on shareware archives, for example Version 6.0 is accessible to uploading on - to download Outlook from different file servers:
To download Outlook 2000/2003 on the Internet it will not turn out, as he is delivered only in the complete set of paid software Microsoft Office. Though there is some not zero probability that it will turn out to find it in any пиринговой networks of type KaZaa or eMule.

For users Windows XP all is little bit more complex, as in one of service pack (to mine in service pack 1) developers have cleaned an Outlook as on them antimonopolists because they ostensibly prevent to develop to other mailing programs have pressed from a package. In what version of operational system the Outlook for certain has been withdrawn is not known, hearings however go that in last version they have again included service of a pack in complete set Outluk Express. It is natural that to download service a pack not necessarily if it can be found at the friends or friends. After updating of this the Outlook should appear on your computer. That the Russifier on Outlook was not required, Russian version of operational system and naturally Russian version service of a pack 2 is necessary, to find Russian Outlook it is possible with Russian version of the Explorer and service of a pack. If at you the English version of operational system then basically too this problem somehow should be solved.

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