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WEB the Hosting is an opportunity to show all world your homepage and a blog, if a hosting dynamic with PHP and MySQL

What is the Hosting?
It is possible to tell so: Hosting this place on a computer which is connected to the Internet on a leased line and has constant connection to the Internet and on which the script of a hosting providing support of set of sites is established. Registration of a hosting usually occurs simply enough. Choose the company which can offer you an inexpensive both qualitative hosting and the domain, pay services and your own hosting will be usually ready already through an hour. A hosting .ru .com and .net domains nothing registrars of domains differ, vary only, they for each domain of the first level different, even the prices can sometimes differ, and sometimes at payment of services of a hosting for year forward give the free domain in a gift. Access on ftp usually supports a hosting by default. Many servers giving free hosting, ftp also give access in most cases. Without a hosting it is possible to use only e-mail if to purchase service mail forwarders from the registrar of the domain.

To create wap a site, it is not obligatory to search for a special wap-hosting as wap sites differ nothing from usual, and they quite can work for example on any free hosting supporting php technology.

We offer you the unique offer!

The original address of your site of a kind , that will allow you will be allocated among other house sites of comrades with a surname "people", certainly, if your surname Zemskov !

You can put on the site any system of conducting online-diaries (blogs) that your page was dynamical and alive! So your visitors will be pleasantly surprised by pleasant and cosy "house" conditions of your page.

If you can offer your visitors subjects of your art you can establish on the site even it-лайн shop! And then visitors can not only learn about you a lot of interesting, communicate to you at your personal forum, but also even to purchase one of your remarkable works of art!

the Hosting already now is used with millions people, spreading in an easy approach of ton of the helpful information that YOU hesitate? People wait, while you lay out it, original and the helpful information which can be they wait and search for already long years! Do not emailpone such opportunity, reserve a hosting (hosting) right now ! People wait for your decision!

Диcковое space: from 10 up to 500 Mb
The traffic: from 100 Mb/мес.
User's payment: from $1

Support PHP , Perl , MySQL is included.

Contact us and we shall help you to choose an optimum set of services. If you cannot establish any software, or are not able to do a site for a small payment we shall help you to adjust free scripts, to develop a high-grade site with original design and a control system of a content.

The hosting is given on the basis of services a hosting-provider

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