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Gmail it perhaps the most popular mail on responses of users as offers at times really unique opportunities. Company Google introduces the high technologies in the products, that also concerns to free mail

At present mail is at a stage of beta of testing, therefore to receive mail GMail it is possible only having received the invitation (invite) from GMail the user who already has an account (mail box) To receive an invite (invite) - the invitation for "testing" mail boxes not too difficultly as in a network the Internet is set of sites where invitations in are distributed, it is possible even to try at presence of some impudence to write the letter to several owners of boxes on mail, with the request to send you the invitation to registration in GMajl, most likely to you will not give up, in fact for certain they have a pair superfluous invites. Registration gmail boxes most likely in the near future will be opened for an easy approach, it is necessary to wait slightly only.

The basic advantages it is brief:
  • Cost: free
  • Space for storage: more than 2000 mbyte
  • Languages: during this test period are supported aнглийский (СШA), aнглийский (Великобритaния), голлaндский, фрaнцузский, немeцкий, итaльянский, япoнский, кoрейский, пoртугальский, испaнский, Russian, китaйский simplified and китaйский traditional languages, and also it is possible to send and read messages of e-mail on many other things языкaх
  • Access: free automatic transfer and access under report POP3
  • there Is the GMail notifier, checking presence of new mail on a server (owing to what with gmail is possible to work even through a proxy if as a mailing program to use a browser the Internet)
  • Supported navigators:
Microsoft IE 5.5 + (to load for Windows)
Netscape 7.1 + (to load for Windows Mac Linux)
Mozilla 1.4 + (to load for Windows Mac Linux)
Mozilla Firefox 0.8 + (to load for Windows Mac Linux)
Safari 1.2.1 + (to load for Mac)
  • In all navigators it is necessary to include parameters JavaScript and Cookies
  • Viewing of investments in format HTML - now it is possible to see files, not loading them. In format HTML it is possible to look through following types of files: .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .sxw, .sxc, .sxi, .sdw, .sdc, .sdd and .wml. - That is there is no necessity to download and open potentially dangerous email investments - them is possible to see through a browser - risk to pick up any muck completely is excluded!

Adjustment of mail gmail

How correctly to adjust your mailing program (TheBat, Outlook and others) on reception of mail with

Adjustment is made also as well as in the majority of other cases with email services, the main thing correctly to specify following parameters: the Address entering/outcoming mail , ports for access on POP3 and SMTP , and also correctly to specify a login and the password from a box. In the rest adjustment does not differ from other mail servers.

Here settings:
Server of incoming mail Incoming Mail ( POP3 ) Server - requires SSL: , Use SSL : Yes, Port: 995
Server of outcoming mail Outgoing Mail ( SMTP ) Server - requires TLS: (use authentication/use an Authentication), Use Authentication : Yes, Use STARTTLS : Yes (some clients call this SSL), Port: 465 or 587
Account Name : your Gmail username (including ' ')
Email Address : your full Gmail email address (
Password : your Gmail password

Also it is necessary to be convinced, that in adjustments of an account gmail the option " has been included To include POP transfer ", plus at your provider the Internet or in yours firewall above-stated numbers of ports have not been disconnected. There can be also problems GMail and The Bat!, as for protection against breaking mail uses access through the protected report which demands presence from the addressee of mail of the special certificate, and in Thebat he by default can be not connected. To solve this problem, it is necessary to look in a broad gully of access to a box what certificate the server demands, and to find it in a directory, and then to add constantly for use, and mistake GMail is more you will not disturb.

If your mailing program causes a mistake at check of mail, for example in Outlook Express the mistake will be a following kind:
It was not possible to enter on a mail server. The password is not accepted. An account: ' ', the Server: ' ', the Report: POP3, the Answer of a server: '-ERR [SYS/PERM] Your account is not enabled for POP access. Please visit your Gmail settings page and enable your account for POP access. ', Port: 995, Protection (SSL): Yes, the Mistake of a server: 0x800CCC90, the Error code: 0x800CCC92
It means that you should enter through a web the interface into your mail box: ~http: // there in the top menu to choose Adjustments , to choose a bookmark Transfer and POP and to choose To resolve POP for all messages and to press the button To save adjustments . Now you can check mail GMail through your liked Outlook or The Bat!

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