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The small review of servers of providers of electronic free mail - the Most popular free mail boxes .com .ru (free e-mail box)

Today granting of services of free e-mail any more is not any original service, and becomes the ordinary phenomenon on large and not so electronic portals. However all is far not the companies offering services on creation of free mail boxes care of granting qualitative service, therefore everyone should to try most use several services to choose to itself the suitable service provider of free e-mail. Though certainly in connection with that that services of a hosting promptly become cheaper, is quite real for today to purchase a hosting and the domain and to create not free e-mail which on anybody except for you will not depend also that as she works will depend only on your requirements.

The list of providers of free e-mail constantly extends every day, and new a server of free mail try to offer more and more qualitative services, greater volume of mail boxes. Not many email a server maintain a competition, therefore in due course some services on the sly disappear, giving a up the place to stronger players. Each provider entering on the market of services of e-mail tries to think up new and original addresses of free e-mail to involve new users with the beautiful email address, however the majority of users like that free mail was with the short address - so it it is possible to remember and tell easily in an offline.

Box of e-mail free for users because when they look letters in a mail box through a browser to them show advertising, due to profits with which there live free services of mail. Therefore, when you create to yourselves a "free" box for mail, remember, that only owing to advertising mail remains free.

On what server to create to itself a mail box, depends only on your language abilities as exists both Russian, and American free e-mail, and also a plenty of free services in other languages in the different countries in which there is an Internet (to mine now almost in all countries he already is) As the American infrastructure of the Internet is more developed than in other countries services on accommodation of sites cost much more cheaply owing to what the American email services offer the most favourable parameters of new mail boxes.

Registration of free e-mail is simple enough, it is necessary to come on a site of a free mail server and to find the link to page with registration, "Registration" (get free e mail box/account, Sign Up) usually is called. Further fill the simple form and receive the mail box absolutely free!

The list of free email domains of all free mail servers that you could choose to yourselves the suitable domain after a symbol of a dog in your e-mail address:

The list of free mail servers:

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