Free Ukrainian domains

the Ukrainian domains 3 levels each interested person absolutely free too can register!

In the Ukrainian segment of the Internet and domain names there is similar Russian a practice of delegation free domains of the third level for all comers free. However, in difference from Russia, not all domains of the third level are free for example is free, and - are not present. On registration of the some people restrictions are imposed, but nevertheless there is a quantity of zones in which registration is free.

  • Paid domains
    • the Commercial organizations of Ukraine - COM.UA
    • Probably " Concerns to Ukraine " - IN.UA
    • Registrant of the domain should be in the Chernigov region. - CHERNIGOV.UA or CN.UA
    • Registration through registrars:
      • DONETSK.UA or DN.UA
      • LUGANSK.UA or LG.UA
      • KHARKOV.UA or KH.UA
      • LVIV.UA
      • ZP.UA
      • ZT.UA

  • Free domains
    • the Organizations of Ukraine - ORG.UA -
    • Regional:
      • CV.UA
      • CRIMEA.UA
      • IF.UA
      • KHERSON.UA
      • KS.UA
      • KIEV.UA
      • LUTSK.UA
      • ODESSA.UA
      • OD.UA
      • POLTAVA.UA
      • PL.UA
      • RV.UA
      • SUMY.UA
      • TE.UA
      • UZ.UA
      • VINNICA.UA
      • VN.UA

  • Free domains (with restrictions)
    • Only for legal persons - residents of Ukraine - NET.UA -
    • Only for the state organizations - GOV.UA -
    • Only for the state or not state educational institutions of Ukraine 3 yes 4 levels of accreditation - EDU.UA -
    • the contract with administration of the domain - CHERKASSY.UA or CK.UA Is necessary
    • Registration through registrars - DNEPROPETROVSK.UA or DP.UA
    • Only for the legal and physical persons who are being in territory of Khmelnitskiy area - KM.UA or KHMELNITSKIY.UA
    • Only for legal and physical persons who are in territory of the Nikolaev area - NIKOLAEV.UA or MK.UA
    • admin-c the domain should be in a Exactly or region Rovnenskoj - ROVNO.UA

More detailed list of all domains and rules of registration, and also e-mail address on which should be sent applications, it is possible to look here:

Registration of the domain passes on the person or the organization which is registered in base WHOIS UANIC - the Ukrainian service of network identifiers (registration nic-handle) therefore before sending of the application for registration of the free domain of the third level in Ukraine, pass there simple registration and receive the nic-handle .

The format of the sent application is standard enough, and is in detail described on page with technical requirements to applications:

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