Email client Eudora

Mailing program from firm Qualcomm

Eudora Email development - the mailing program most widespread on the foreign Internet. Eudora supports the extensive list of opportunities:
  • ScamWatch - the program watches, that there was no "substitution" of links when in the link one address is written, and the link specifies other site.

  • OpenSSL - reliable algorithm of enciphering of data raising safety of your mail

  • Improved opportunities IMAP - the Improved functionality for synchronization and access to email from several computers and various districts.

  • Smilies - certainly very important function of smilies - without it the life would be simply boring

  • SpamWatch - the utility helping to struggle with a spam (only in the paid version)

  • the Utility of import from Outlook (Windows) - very simply to import mail, contacts and investments from Outlook in Eudora, doing transition with outlook on eudora is easier than when or.

  • Improved filters , allowing conveniently to sort and order your letters

  • and also set of others (the full list of functions here:

There is a free version of program Eudora Lite with little bit cut down functions. It is possible to use free the full version of the program if to look through shown advertising, in version Eudora Sponsored.

To download Eudora Pro/Sponsored/Lite

Remember what to download is better by means of managers of loading

To download Eudora (Pro/Sponsored/Lite) it is possible on

The Russifier for Eudora from the developer unfortunately is not present, therefore it is necessary to search on the Internet for Russifiers from foreign developers who not always have time to do quickly russification of new versions eudora.

Adjustment Eudora

to adjust a mailing program not difficultly

Has undressed Getting Started

Enter following values:

Real name your name
Return address Ваше_имя@MAIL.RU
Mail server (Incoming)
Login name your name on MAIL.RU
SMTP server (Outgoing)
Or a SMTP-server of your provider

Section Checking Mail

Here all key parameters are already established. Pay attention: parameter Check for mail every... There should not be less than 15 minutes.

Section Incoming Mail

Here be convinced, that option Server configuration is established in value POP and Authentication style is established in Passwords.

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