Email web (web) clients

Reading of e-mail without installation of programs through web the interface, having only http access to the Internet, including through a proxy

Sometimes there is no opportunity to establish a mailing program on a computer, or on a computer there is no direct access to e-mail as Internet connection is carried out through http proxy. In such cases there is an opportunity to read mail on a computer through a web the interface by means of a web-browser. For this purpose on a server of e-mail the special program giving access by means of a browser should be established. Usually on all servers rendering services of creation of paid and free email addresses such programs are established. In general, on all free mail servers always there is an access to a web to the interface as at viewing mail through a browser there is an opportunity to show advertising to users of email service.

Such approach also allows to use a mail box from any point of the ground in which there is an Internet. If on your mail server there is no web (web) mail at desire it is possible to use free service of creation of mail boxes, having created on which free email address to adjust on him function of gathering of mail if such function is supported by a server, and to read mail coming on your email address on one server, through the email address on a free server of mail.

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