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The best programs for reading mail from your electronic mail boxes

Programs for mail boxes or Email clients it is programs for job with mail on a local computer which considerably facilitate job with mail. Owing to specialized Email programs-clients users can receive and send electronic letters, save and work with letters, and also many other things. Many programs can to work in the minimized kind and on a regular basis to check a mail box on presence of new letters on a server, that about new letters the user learns in time. If you get some various mail boxes, and do to them different passwords of access to a box is better to store somewhere in a safe place all your passwords, for generation and storage of your passwords any specialized program also will approach. Breakings of a mail box will not occur, if you will reliably store your password of access to a box of e-mail as frequently "breaking" of a box this banal larceny or selection of the password because on another to steal a mail box is practically unreal and if you will set to your box the unique password of a kind hY7eKmdwO9fSd that can sleep in general easy, nobody will steal your liked box on

Where to download mailing programs

Is better to download mailing programs on official sites of direct developers

Almost all mailing programs it is possible to download free, however for using the some people it is necessary to pay or look advertising shown by them.

Here the brief review of the basic mailing programs:
  • The Bat! or simply Bath (to not confuse to the tobacco company of bat - b.a.t - british american tobacco) development one of the best Email clients who is equipped almost by all necessary functions.
    Unique lack - he paid, it is free possible to use only 30 days. Though to find and download for the bat a medicine or bat crack on the Internet or the cracked version in peer-to-peer networks does not make problems.
    To download a mailing program Bath < The Bat! > and a Russifier it is possible

  • Outlook Express a mailing program of development Microsoft Corp. It is perhaps most widespread mailing program as enters into the complete set of all versions of operational system MS Windows. It is the free mailing program, the cut down version of program Microsoft Outlook entering in complete set Microsoft Office.
    To download Microsoft Outlook Express development of known firm by all is possible on an official site (for versions MS Windows is more younger XP it is necessary to download Internet Explorer into which complete set of delivery enters and Outlook Express (OE)

  • Eudora Email development - the mailing program most widespread on the foreign Internet. There is a free version of program Eudora Lite with little bit cut down functionality. It is possible to use free the full version of the program if to look through shown advertising, in version Eudora Sponsored.
    To download Eudora (Pro/Sponsored/Lite) it is possible on a site of the developer

  • Koomail the portable email client which does not demand installation represents full-function but simultaneously with it and can is transferred on usual USB Flash a disk, allowing to use mail almost from any computer, and thus always to have all necessary letters near at hand. To download Koomail it is possible on an official site:

  • JBMail is completely the mobile email client who saves on a disk only adjustments of a mail box and flags of statuses of letters, however the correspondence is on a mail server, that presently when even free mail boxes offer already more than 2 Gb of disk space, it not seems such any more and inconvenient. To download JBMail it is possible here

  • Magic Mail Monitor it is automatic checker your mail boxes, hanging in system tree and on a regular basis checking mail. The program supports set of useful functions which considerably facilitate job with mail and also allow to save traffic, in fact to download unnecessary letters is not obligatory any more - the letter can be removed directly on a server. To download Magic Mail Monitor it is possible here

  • More than free mailing programs for reading mail it is possible to find easily on plural a software-archives in the Internet. Though many programs and paid but as programs for reading e-mail one of the most demanded all over the world, breaking of mailing programs does not stop for one day, always offering dishonest users on a hand fresh keygen or crack.

Adjustment of mailing programs

Installation of mailing programs almost does not make work, all process completely is automated, it is necessary to adjust parameters POP3/SMTP access to a server

After installation of the email client it is necessary to adjust correctly parameters of access to a mail server, for each account of the electronic address of mail. Usually each email service has a page of the help where it is in detail described as correctly to adjust various email clients.
Example of adjustment of a mailing program for (the original can be looked here for Outlook or Outlook Express).

Your name: "name"
e-mail the address: логин (логин
Type of a server for incoming mail (My incoming mail server is a...): POP3
Server for incoming mail (Incoming mail server):,
Server for outcoming mail (Outgoing mail server):,
Account POP (POP account name): your login on a Yandex
The password (Password): your password on a Yandex

Example of adjustment of a mailing program for (the original can be looked here (adjustment the bat)).

For job with a mail server yandex (narod) you should adjust account (account). Start the program, choose in the menu "Box" (Accounts) item " To create a mail box ".

SMTP server:
POP3 server:
Username: your login
Password: your password

Do not forget to establish in adjustments of the program: the Box (Account) - Properties of a mail box (Properties) - Transport (Transport) - Sending of mail (Send mail) - the Authentication (Authentication) - Authentication SMTP RFC2554 (Perform SMTP Authentication RFC2554).

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