E-mail is a way to correspond by means of the Internet where the addressee can be anywhere where there is an access to a worldnet the Internet!

Dear owners of a historical surname Zemskov !

We bring to your attention unique service on granting an original e-mail address of a kind ! (it is possible even free!)
Such address specified on your card, will render positive influence on your business business of partners! And you can receive more favourable conditions of the contract! If certainly your partners know, that such e-mail .

You can name also on memory to its your friends and friends, not worrying about that, they can remember it or not, will enough remember your name and a surname!

Giving somebody the address of your e-mail of free service, for example you will doubt, whether they know, what such, or they will think, what is it at you such ridiculous surname?

Do not doubt! Reserve in us service of granting of a personal e-mail address of a kind and it is not necessary to you is ashamed of "surname" "yandex" or "mailru"!

You can easy use your e-mail not only houses, but also at job or on a visit or even in other city, simply having visited the Internet of cafe - in fact we as give an opportunity to use a web-mail - access to an electronic mail box through the Internet a browser. That will allow you to hold communication with your friends in any point of a planet where access to the Internet is accessible.

E-mail is an excellent opportunity to communicate with other people not looking on spaces dividing you and distances! Do not postpone a good opportunity to use your unique mail box, reserve this service right now!


Adjustments of e-mail

Adjustment of an electronic mail box is standard both for Outlook and for The Bat!
Except for your login and the password it is necessary to specify POP3 and SMTP a server which are identical to our post service:
Other parameters are standard and usually do not demand additional adjustment.

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