E-mail (e-mial), a w-mail (e-meil) and more much as name e-mail

E-mail gives boundless opportunities for dialogue by means of the Internet. It is enough to create the email address a ?-mail or a box on any free service like or

The electronic email address represents a line of a kind , where imya this login name on a mail server . Obligatory attribute of an e-mail address the ?-mail is which already became a symbol of e-mail all over the world.

There is a huge quantity of the free mail servers giving various e-meil e-mail addresses, however everyone can create the mail server, it is enough register a suitable domain name on which there will be mail, and to purchase a hosting or to put the mail server. Here the brief list of servers of free mail:,,,,,,,
~http: //,,,, and others.

For reading new mail except for access through a browser can be used as well special mailing programs for example Outlook Express and others. For this purpose it is necessary that email service supported access on POP3 and SMTP to reports are reports by means of which mailing program receives and sends mail from a server. Not all free email services support these reports, however the majority of providers support them, therefore it is more convenient to read mail through mailing programs.

After you will create to yourselves the email address, you can always tell to the friends or business partners: " Send me email ", that the person living in beat of new technologies will convince them that you!

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