Domain (domein, domen)

The Internet-domain or a domain name is an address of a site on which a browser finds a server

What is the DOMAIN? It is the address of a server on which the site settles down, to the Domain there should correspond concrete ip the address of a computer in a network the Internet. Owing to domains on one ip the address of a server can be placed some sites - two domains, three and more can specify same address. On ip to the address it is possible to learn domains which specify this server, for this purpose in a network the Internet is special services . Levels of the domain this quantity of addresses divided by points. That is, .ru - the domain of 1 first level, - the domain 2 second levels, - the domain 3 levels, and so on. Special organization ICANN - Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers - is engaged in registration and support of the domain of 1 level. The companies accredited icann on registration of the domain in the allocated zones are engaged in domains of the second level. Domains .ru ru registered ROSNIIROS - the Russian scientific research institute of Development of Public Networks earlier, then all powers they have passed companies RU-Center Domains of the third level register the companies owning the corresponding domain of 2 levels. The majority of free hostings also give беcплатные domains of the third level, for example,,,,,, and many other things.

To receive the domain for themselves or for the company in using that on it Internet users could leave on your site, it is necessary to choose to itself a free domain name, at a choice it is possible to be guided by already registered domains on the Internet to orient in principles of creation of domain addresses. For the Russian-speaking companies usually buy addresses of sites in transliterations of the name of the company, that is the name written by English letters. If there is no desire to buy domain of the second level then from known free domains to define the domain of the second level on which to you will seem normal to create the domain of the third level, there is a set free geographical domains - for example or, in these zones registration also is free. Is and [[/free-ukrainian-domains.html]] which each interested person can register the Ukrainian free domains of the third level.

Purchase of the domain of the second level usually does not cause problems, process is completely automated, to sign the contract with the registrar enough and to pay service. Carry of domains on service from one registrar to another too demands the conclusion of the contract in writing. Registration is spent for the certain term, usually it is one year for a zone of ru, in other zones probably and for greater term. After the expiration of a target date if the owner does not pay prolongation of the domain, there is a removal of the domain - its clearings for new registration. Some registrars render for some payment interesting service - interception of the domain is when the domain is redeemed right after its clearings. In case of when the owner of a site will want to sell the site to the third party, sale of the domain is possible, for this purpose it is necessary to fill and send the registrar corresponding contracts and papers then the domain will register on new the owner. There are even such sly fellows who buy beautiful domain names and then expose them on auction of domains and try to sell them there for huge money, that practically never will occur, because it is possible to pick up with ease to itself other name, can not such beautiful, but is much cheaper. In fact not a name the main thing, and contents of a site!

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