Struggle against a spam

We in every possible way support an antispam movement and struggle against a spam, therefore we suggest you to familiarize with resources on protection against a spam

All we awfully are upset, when our email address becomes known to spamers (the spamer is a person without shame and the conscience, dispatching nonrequested mail for all successively) in fact besides that among a heap of letters it is necessary to search useful so in fact sometimes it is necessary to pay also for traffic, that is especially sensitive for owners of the mobile devices, using dear GPRS connection. Therefore we suggest to familiarize with the resources of the Internet opening a subject of struggle and protection against a spam:
  • - from - One of the best services on a filtration of a spam both for private owners of mail boxes, and for corporate users. The version for house users unlike corporate is absolutely free! (the truth with restriction on quantity of a filtered spam)
  • - : - the Technology is intended to technology of a filtration of a spam for an effective filtration of a spam. Service is free personal service of protection against a spam. Forwarding mail through service you can automatically delete uninvited advertising or postpone it in a separate folder.
  • - the project - On a server the set of materials on protection and struggle against such disease of the Internet as a spam is presented, to methods of protection against not authorized duplicating email messages on base of email addresses.
  • - STOP SPAM - To stop the SPAM! - the News portal on which news from all fronts of struggle against a spam and the viruses are presented, new changes in a situation with a spam and detection of various holes in mailing programs.
* - - Russian antispam a server - the Server devoted to problems of struggle against a spam in all scales - from the user, up to the developer of sites, and also methods of struggle and protection in various situations, legal aspects concerning dispatches of nonrequested advertising messages (spam)

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