Spam filter SPAMOED

The program antispam SPAMOED (SPAMOED) intends for protection email mails from an annoying spam

Spamoed is ON for struggle against a spam (undesirable electronic dispatch), providing a high filtration of mail, 100 % safety of the important letters and Struggle against customers of a spam.

Main principles of job of the program consists that the program Spamoed can as to delete itself e-mail unnecessary the user, and together with TheBat , Outlook and other email clients; and also to work together with small (up to 50 mail boxes) mail servers.

The basic advantages of the program SPAMOED :
  • the Analyzer of letters created in view of features of the Russian spam.
  • the Analyzer it is possible to disconnect and train the program most.
  • the Opportunity to set a percentage level at which letters will be identified as , also
  • Viewing of the letter.
  • Check of letters on viruses.
  • the Artificial intellect - searches and finds out from 97 up to 100 % of letters unnecessary the user, and then itself studies to become more skilled in the analysis and search of a spam in the future.
  • the Quantity of checked mail boxes - is not limited. The program checks any quantity of mail boxes, thus they can be on different mail servers.
  • Individual adjustment of a mode of training for each mail box.

The program exists in three variants: Spamoed Pro , Home, Demo. Spamoed Home and Demo are the versions cut down by opportunities, therefore it is better to get the full version to be inaccessible for advertising spam letters.
It is possible to try to find on various warez archives and emule-networks and to download spamoed pro, crack, serial, a medicine, a key, a crack, however remember, that using "free of charge" this program you support thus spamers as if to not pay to developers their fairly earned money there will be soon nobody to struggle with a spam!

Official site of the project where it is possible to download SPAMOED :

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