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Antispam the filter Anti Spam Filter development of the company very powerful means of struggle against a spam

Very quite good program Anti Spam Filter helps to struggle with a spam, to great pleasure, since recent time is absolutely free. Having established the simple program, you deprive with yourselves useless wasting of nerves, and to spamers will add a few problems, in fact advertising letters will simply not reach you! There Is an interesting function "to inform" on the spamer then the letter containing advertising will be passed to developers, and in the further after the analysis of an opportunity will receive the same letter even less.

By default AntiSpamFilter updates rules of a filtration before the beginning of reception of mail from a mail server. So you will have the freshest -sheets of spamers, that considerably lowers chances of hit of a spam in your box.

At present the version is accessible to job in operational system Windows, was tested on platforms WIN98/ME/NT/2K/XP.
The system is optimized for job with the email client Microsoft Outlook Express, however most advantageously works and with other clients (Outlook 2000, TheBat, Eudora, etc.)

At present the report POP3 is supported only. Support IMAP and authentication APOP is planned in following versions.

The given program on the algorithm of job represents a certain lining - "filter" between a mailing program and a mail server. That is it is possible to tell what is it a local proxy for filtering incoming mail. In such operating mode the program is adjusted on reception of mail from a mail server, and the mailing program, for example Outlook instead of your mail box on is adjusted on the program. Therefore letters all over again get in the program the filter of a spam, and only if it is not defined as a spam, it gets in your folder Entering in Outlock Expless.
In more detail about adjustment of the program look on a site of the developer:

To download Anti Spam Filter it is possible on an official site:

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