Plug-in AGAVA Spamprotexx

AGAVA Spamprotexx an antispam the module for protection against a spam.

The companies as large enough a hosting the problem of nonrequested mail is known for the provider not by hearsay, therefore have been created by them Agava Spamprotexx -as the separate program, and as the connected module to The Bat!, allowing very effectively to filter a spam.

The basic advantages in comparison with other programs:
  • POP3 and IMAP connections are checked in a mode of real time. You do not need to specify, what of them you use.
  • Agava Spamprotexx also works with all email clients and does not demand their adjustment while the majority of the widespread filters work as a proxy: take away mail to itself, and then give the client. I.e., the client addresses for mail to a proxy that demands change of adjustments. Spamprotexx filters your email connections during job.

Perhaps the module while has a unique lack - the program paid, and it is necessary to pay for use of money if certainly to you has liked Agava Spamprotexx plugin. Or search crack, a medicine, a key (key, keygen), serial or other dishonest code of reception of an illegal copy of program-plug-in Agava Spamprotexx, only then be not surprised, that the quantity of a spam has grown, in fact not having paid the program you deprive with developers of support, and stimulus to improve the program.
  • Spamprotexx - the Trained plug-in for The Bat! On the basis of a spam-filter. Download plug-in AGAVA Spamprotexx it is possible from a site of developer The Bat!: or from an official site of the developer.
* To download AGAVA Spamprotexx as the separate program instead of plugin for use for example with Outlook it is possible on a site of the program:

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