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Our services of e-mail and paid inexpensive hosting intend all without exception to owners of a surname of Zemskov! The Given project is intended to rally on open spaces of the Internet of all Zemskovs under the guise association of party and non-party namesakes of Zemskov! Here too there is a set of the helpful information on a subject of free hostings and e-mail.


E-mail is a way to correspond by means of the Internet where the addressee can be anywhere where there is an access to a worldnet the Internet!

  • E-mail (POP3/SMTP)
    E-mail (e-mial), a w-mail (e-meil) and more much as name e-mail

  • Free e-mail (free e mail)
    The small review of servers of providers of electronic free mail - the Most popular free mail boxes .com .ru (free e-mail box)
  • To complain of SPAM
    Have received the letter from the address of a kind ? Read further!

    Web Hosting

    WEB the Hosting is an opportunity to show all world your homepage and a blog, if a hosting dynamic with PHP and MySQL

  • Domain (domein, domen)
    The Internet-domain or a domain name is an address of a site on which a browser finds a server
  • Free Web Hosting
    Hosting your site with PHP and MySQL you can receive absolutely it is free !
  • Cheap Web Hosting
    Either an inexpensive or qualitative web a hosting on ours.

    Email clients

    Email clients it is programs for reading e-mail on a local computer

  • Magic Mail Monitor - the Program of check of mail and new letters in a mail box
    This program of check of e-mail allows to look headings of all new letters in your mail boxes not downloading the letter

  • Koomail - small email client POP3 and SMTP
    The email client koomail for job with mail, borrows not enough place and quickly works

  • JBMail email email client POP3 and SMTP for USB a disk
    The mailing program JBMail allows to use mail from a mobile disk from any computer

  • Email Software for check email boxes through POP3 and SMTP
    The best programs for reading mail from your electronic mail boxes

  • Email web (web) clients
    Reading of e-mail without installation of programs through web the interface, having only http access to the Internet, including through a proxy

  • email program-client The Bat! (bat or thebat)
    The email client for reading e-mail of development
  • Email client Eudora
    Mailing program from firm Qualcomm

  • POP3 protocol. Adjustment of mail.
    email Office Protocol - POP v.3 the protocol provides access of the site to a base mail server

  • SMTP protocol. Adjustment of mail.
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The simple Transfer protocol of Mail.

  • Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 (MS OE)
    The most widespread program as goes by default in a package of operational systems MS Windows


    Notes about free internet services

  • Internet giants,, ignore progress
    It is hard to imagine that even in our time of high technology there are places which the progress can not reach. And if coming progress can theoretically reduce possible profit, it tends to be limited.

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